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Welcome to the Homepage of Crystal Down, an ongoing Comedy Fantasy Isekai LitRPG Slice of Life Web Novel / Web Fiction / Web Serial by Thai “0xReki” Chung.

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This novel updates at least once a week. If for any reason I'm more productive, there'll be more updates.

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Site Restructuring

published on

I’ve restructured the site. Redirects should be pointing to the correct pages. If not, send me a message.

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published on

You know, what’s been missing in this fantasy story? Elves!

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Latest Post on Crystal Down: Scions Series

I'm Stuck

published on

Well, I’m stuck. But I’m still on it. Meanwhile, I can publish the side story I came up with earlier on this site. I also seems like the comment system is stuck. I’ll have to look into it later. Until then comments might take some days until they appear.

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