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Digging My Cave

published on 2019-12-13, last updated on 2020-06-30 written by Thai “0xReki” Chung

After returning to my camp, I start planning my cave. Actually, I want it to be more like a house: an entrance area that functions as a living room, a bedroom, a bathroom and a kitchen. I think I’ll need a workshop as well. I play around with several ideas I have. In the end, I settle for the plan with a big entrance area in the centre that doubles as a living room. That seems way too cozy for a cave. No matter, I’ll just have the best life I can have with a cave! The sun has already set. Time sure flies when you’re busy! My interface says it’s (twenty) () (thirty-two). Anyway, I put more wood into the fire to keep it burning.

I open another Lottery Box of Food. This time I receive some Onigiri. Oh, the tuna is so tasty! Since I’ve nothing to do, I observe the clock in my interface. I think the minutes are slightly shorter than in my previous life. But with the hours having (seventy-two) minutes, the hours feel about the same length.

I set up a Barrier Crystals. As one could guess from the name, it sets up a temporary barrier. That shield should protect my camp against wild animals for the night. I get into the tent and get the blankets from the Infinite Storage and fold several of them to make a makeshift mattress and pillow and lie down to sleep. Or at least I try to.

I need to go the loo. I totally forgot about that… I leave my tent and try to look for a suitable place. This should be far enough away.

“Displace Earth!”

I dig a hole in the ground. Yes it’s going to be a pit toilet. Now I need a seat.

“Create Stone!”

There, I’m done! Now the toilet paper I received turns out be quite a boon. While sitting and taking a dump, it’s slowly sinking in: this is all real! I’m in a new world — there’s a whole new world for me to explore! After I finish my business, I wash my hands at the river and return to my tent. But I can’t sleep… I need to calm down! I want to sleep now so I can get up early tomorrow!

I don’t know when I’ve fallen asleep, but I’ve just woken up. My clock tells me it’s 09:04. I store the blankets and leave the tent. The sun has already risen. It’s another sunny day. Let’s open another Lottery Box of Food and see what’s for breakfast today: I get a bowl of hot cup noodles. It’s even my favourite brand! And it also comes with chopsticks! Slurp… So it’s so tasty!

After washing my face at the nearby river, it’s time to start digging my cave. I should start with the entrance area. I image a chunk the size of the entrance room, breaking down and touch the cliff.

“Break Rock!”

A nasty feeling of cold comes down my spine. I immediately jump back a few steps. Good thing I do, a wave of sand rushes towards me. I should have thought of that! What do I do now? Moving all the sand is going to take a while… If I could only make it vanish somewhere!

Can I put it into my Infinite Storage? I grab a small portion of sand and try to put it into my Infinite Storage. The sand vanishes. Success! I open the Infinite Storage. The sand uses up one space. I have a closer look at the item.

Item: Fine Sand

(twenty) dr of fine sand.

Now, what happens if I store another a handfull of sand? The sand still uses up only one space. Great! I put all of the sand into my Infinite Storage. Now, I have created a big hole in the cliff. I totally forgot I need a wall! So I want a wall with a hole for a door. The door should be three times as wide and one and a half times as high as I am. The wall itself should be three times as wide as I am. I go to the mouth of the cave and take out a generous amount of sand from my Infinite Storage. I can use this for building that wall. That way I should even be able to make it look like I didn’t forget the wall in the first place! I stretch my hand out.

“Create Rock!”

The sand compacts and forms a thick wall. I know it hardens quickly. But my feeling tells me it takes a while. I think it’s because I want it to look natural. After it’s finally done, I go out and admire my work. Yep, it looks as if I carved out the door first. Next, I should be working on the kitchen.

The kitchen should only be half as wide as the living room is. Like with the living room, I start digging and turn rock to sand and put it into my Infinite Storage. Just this time, I grind smaller blocks until the hole reaches the size I want. It takes longer, but the sand doesn’t drop onto me.

“Break Rock! Break Rock!”

After I’m done, I reerect a wall, separating the kitchen from the living room. That has been more work than I expected. But now, I have two rooms. I want to have a campfire in my place, but I’m worried about smoke and suffocating. The room should be big enough. But to be sure, I need a way to exhaust the smoke and draw in the fresh air.

I need a chimney! Carefully, I break the needed tunnel starting at the back wall of the living room all the way to the top of the cliff. Now I get some sand from the Infinite Storage and create a chimney mantle.

“Engineer Stone!”

That’s a different spell! I think it’s because this time, I want a smooth surface and not a cliff finish. But the spell takes just as long as the other one… And it’s finally done! Let’s try lighting a fire.


I put in some wood and light the fire. I manage to do it in half the time I needed yesterday. The chimney seems to work: the fire burns better than a simple campfire. I’m worried about things falling through the chimney into the fireplace, but I’ll take care of that later when I’m more comfortable with this body. I don’t feel like falling due to missing coordination.

Time to break a tunnel at the back of the kitchen as well, I want to put the oven there. Come to think of it, before I dig out more rooms I need some furniture. Well, I still have lots of sand, so I just make some from stone. Let’s start with something simple a table in the living room.

“Engineer Stone!”

A stone table forms. This is way too easy. And now a chair. I sit on the newly made chair. Of course, it doesn’t have a cushion, but still, it’s a chair. I’d make a bed as well, but I’m not strong enough to carry a stone bed… Wait, I can just store it! I go to a corner and create a bed.

“Engineer Stone!”

Just like yesterday, I make a makeshift mattress and pillow from the blankets I have. Back in the kitchen, I create a table and a stove. An oven might come later I feel like it.

That will have to do for now. According to my interface, it’s (thirteen) () (fifty-three). I’ve gotten quite hungry. Let’s see what I get for lunch — I open another Lottery Box of Food — and I receive a pepperoni pizza. And it’s already cut. That’s a good thing since I don’t have any cutlery yet. I should be taking care of that soon. But first, I need to consume this very delicious smelling pizza. Oh, it’s yummy! But I’m not that hungry, so I leave slices some for later.

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