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I’m writing about meditation, but I don’t know anything about it.

Read “Meditation is Important”

Bechdel Test

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Have you ever heard of the Bechdel Test? I just finished this chapter when it came back to my mind. Basically to pass this test a work must feature at least two named women who talk to each other about something other than a man. I accidentally made Amauga clear the test, but that’s just a side effect of me telling a story.

Read “Prediction and Politics”

Colour Blindness in our World

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Why isn’t there a colour blindness filter online? Seeing like colour blind people is not just putting a grey scale filter over certain colours.

Read “Vision and Colour Blindness”

Amaugan Rabbits

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Amaugan rabbit is red meat.

Read “Mett, Meatballs and Hamburger”

Boring Brand Names

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Brand names can me quite… boring?

Read “It is… Green”


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There’s a Patreon Exclusive Poll 2020/Q1. If you wanna know what’s that poll is/was about, guess what Compound C-24F-51 is based on.

Read “About Compound C-24F-51 and Cooking”

Yes, I'm late…

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Sorry I’m late, FFXIV Relic farm took too so much time.

Read “Housewarming”

That odd extra chapter

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Focus… this was just an odd one…

Read “Hunting and Winter Vision”

Who is hammering?

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I just learned “Home Improvement” is an American sitcom.

Read “Home Improvements”

Ice Houses — They're Simple, Aren't They?

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At first, I thought an ice house to be just a simple building with ice in it. But as it turns out, there’s a lot more to it!

Read “Dewick Construction Plans”

Insert Song Here

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The title is completly accidental, but every time I read it and have that damn song in my head.

Read “A Whole New World”

Money in Fanatsy Settings

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Money in Novels is usually just bronze/copper, silver and gold. Some need units above those, and they usually go for platinum.

But how do people know the difference between similar coloured metals and alloys?

Read “Metals, Money, and its Math”

More Chapters

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I originally intended to just push one chapter per week, but I need to reach a certain threshold for the Scribbly Anniversary V2.

Read “Lots of Preparation”


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Therianthropes can further categorized into Lesser Alopanthropes, True Alopanthropes, Lesser Cynanthropes, True Cynanthropes, Lesser Lycanthropes, True Lycanthropes, Lesser Ailuranthropes, True Ailuranthropes, Lesser Ornithropes, True Ornithropes, Lesser Pithecanthropes… (the list goes on for pages)

Read “Arriving in Dewick Village”


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I’m just 4 chapters in and I’m already trying to justify crossing over Crystal Down into this…

Read “Rowan from Dewick Village”

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