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How did you get here?

published on

While you’re here, would you tell me how you found this page?

Comment System Change

published on

You might have noticed old comments have vanished. I have changed the comment system to something automatic, that doesn’t require me manual intervention or automated pushes to my repository. The disadvantage, of course, is I can’t add the old comments to it. I’m sorry they had to go, but I was too lazy to properly implement comments before, so I was manually adding the comments to the pages.

New Story

published on

Aster Kayden was just on his way to his first real vacation, when his shuttle’s Hyperdrive malfunctions and he strands on an underdeveloped planet. Luckily, he has his AI in his shuttle to help him out. But something is different about this planet…

Since I’m entering this story in Scribbly Anniversary V2, it will be on ScribbleHub until April.

Read “Quick Starting my Summer Break”

About Love

published on

Hey 0xReki here!

I’m still around. I hope you are doing fine, too. I had some technical difficulties: I got a new old laptop and the hard drive I used failed.

I usually have everything in a private git repository. My site automatically gets rebuilt every time I push a change. So I haven’t pushed my chapters to the repository when the crash happened.

If these times were normal times, I’d just borrow some tools from an acquaintance and try to recover my data. But with COVID around, borrowing tools from someone that lives further away isn’t that easy. And the tools I have aren’t that good.

I was busy recovering data from the drive. So far, I have published everything I was able to recover. With an increased workload at work, it didn’t leave me with time to write. So now, I’m stuck desperately trying to come up with something for Crystal Down, but I’m drawing a blank.

But I have an idea for the next Patron-only poll, and it’s going to involve food. Stay tuned for the poll and suggest foods in the comments.

Furthermore, I have something prepared for a project, but that project will have to wait until 2021 before I can release it. Of course, my Patrons will get access to it first when it releases. Stay tuned for that as well.

Stay healthy, everyone. I hope I can finish the next chapter soon.

Site Restructuring

published on

I’ve restructured the site. Redirects should be pointing to the correct pages. If not, send me a message.

Good Ideas…

published on

Is it just me, or do the good ideas only come when you’re about to take a dump?

Read “Divine Problems Transcending Realms”

When Companies Go Bust…

published on

Just as things are starting to take off again, I’m struck with bad news: it seems my domain provider haven’t paid their bills and my domains were released. Good thing is DENIC, i. e. the authority for .de domains, has a system in place that helps against others snatching those domains. But it also means I have to take care of it soon: finding a new provider etc. And pay the bill for a new domain subscription. (Damn…)

Why do I use .de domains? I’m from Germany and that’s the cheapest domain I can get that doesn’t look dodgy.

Anyway, I’m hoping I can get back to writing soon. Crystal Down Chapter 1-45 will release on 2020-05-18 to the public.

Public Poll: The bard joins as recurring character!

published on

Just as a recurring character, not as a main character. What race should the bard have? I’m thinking of female bard here. Feel free to suggest a name in the poll comments.

Participate in the Poll

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