Crystal Down

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Getting our Starting Gear from Gromli's Armour Shop

published on 2020-01-28, last updated on 2020-08-01 written by Thai “0xReki” Chung, edited by jayfeather

A few days later, Uncle Alexander goes shopping with us in the capital. After the check at the gate, we enter the city.

“You should register at the Adventurer’s Guild.” Uncle Alexander says, “You can take all kinds of jobs there. If you like, I can nominate you for taking care of the Slimes on our farm.”

“We can do that even without taking it via the guild.” I answer.

“No, no. You need to be properly compensated for your work. After all, I’m only providing you with a place to live.”

“But…” Aiden protests. I agree with him. We have to repay him…

“Sigh… If you’re so insistent, then how about buying groceries from time to time?”

“Yes, of course! We will do that!” Aiden and I answer in unison.

We are led to an armour shop.

“Welcome, what can I do for you?” the shopkeeper, a Dwarf, asks.

“We’re getting some starting gear for those two kids I’m taking care of. Officially, they are Swift’s little brothers.” Uncle Alexander answers. He hands him a package, “He sent this for you.”

After inspecting the package, he smiles and turns towards us.

“Those are sure some big shoes to fill. My name is Glorindamli!”

“Nice to meet you, Gr…, I mean, Go…” I try to pronounce his name… it’s too hard! “Gromli… No, that’s not right. I’m sorry.”

“Gromli is fine.” he says, “In fact, most people call me that.” He smiles.

“Nice to meet you, Gromli! I’m Ethan.” I introduce myself, “This is my elder twin brother Aiden.”

“Nice to meet you.” Aiden answers.

“So basic gear for the two of you… So a set of archer armour and set of swordsman armour.” Gromli discerns.

“How did you know that?” I ask.

“Experience, lots of experience. You seem to have gotten formal training, too. So that makes it even easier.” Gromli explains.

He’s good! He fits us with equipment. Aiden gets light grey gear and I receive dark grey gear.

“Don’t worry about the payment.” he says, “Your big brother already arrangement payment for you.”

“He did?” Aiden asks.

“Yes, he sent a crate of his newest batch of maple ale. Every time he makes it somehow it gets better!” Gromli boasts, “Though I still don’t know how he makes ale without Huffin.”

Gromli hands Aiden and me weapons matching to our size. I don’t know about Aiden’s Bow but the sword I received is really good.

“Thanks a lot, Gromli.” Aiden and I say.

“Thank me by not failing your guild examinations!” he answers, “Good luck!”

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